I guess I should put something in here, so here it goes.

I’m not a professor, I don’t even play one on TV.  I live around Charlotte, NC with my wife & kid.  I used to work for a bank, but now I don’t.  But since I got a degree in economics from Maryland, I still have an interest in it and other related topics like markets, monetary policy, etc.

But I’ll have other stuff up here too.  What?  Who knows.

An obvious note: Anything I post here is my gibberish, and mine alone.  Also, nothing I post here should ever be taken as investment advice of any sort.  I’m studying for my CFA, which hopefully means I’m not clueless about what I post, but I’m not your mommy or your daddy.  Please think for yourself.




4 responses to “About

  1. Steve G

    I was searching the web looking for reasons for the negative short term rates last week and it led me to your site. I also read your piece on the Fed following the market on rates as opposed to setting or leading. This reminded me that a news letter I followed also discussed this. The author is Tim Wood, (http://www.cyclesman.info/ ) and he came to the same conclusion and had a method to actually predict when the Fed would raise or lower rates. Unfortunately I don’t recall the details. Interesting if true.

    • Thanks for the info. I’ll go check it out.

      Rates have been very much on my mind, so I’ll be spending some time looking at them as well as the more important issue of credit spreads. Because spreads really drive a lot of what goes on out there.



  2. Rom

    Hi PP,

    Great website. As always, I enjoy reading your blog. What’s your email? I have a question for you.



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