I Guess I’ll Say it Here…: America’s Lost Decade

Left this comment for Sean McLaughlin, but I thought I’d share it here as well (emphasis, mine):

Sean, this is great.  Thanks for sharing.  As someone who focuses on long term/bigger picture timeframes as opposed to intraday, what your post talks about is the importance of keeping your risk/return objectives and timeframe in sync.

I’ll tell you for me, the noise I strive to filter out is the daily/intraday moves a lot of traders are looking to in order to make money.  But the big picture moves I use to strategically build/unwind positions are the things intraday guys filter out.  So we’re running around each other trying to block out what the other group is doing.

It can drive you mad, but it’s worth it if you do it right.

via I Guess I’ll Say it Here…: America’s Lost Decade.

And sometimes I should listen more to my own advice…



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2 responses to “I Guess I’ll Say it Here…: America’s Lost Decade

  1. I just saw this. Thanks for the shoutout on your blog.

    I love what you say about each of us running around tring to block out what each different group is doing. So true.

    • It is because when you think about it longer time horizons by necessity need to have different risk/return characteristics than shorter ones.

      That being said, I’m starting to change my approach as I’m becoming less comfortable with longer term strategies and horizons. Or my long term strategies need to be adjusted.

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