Sometimes, You Just Gotta Step Away From the Keyboard

I’d been on the road practically non-stop the last month and a half.  While I had the chance to go to some great places, I’m glad that’s done for now.  I have a real life with my family I’d like to get back to.

But one thing that has been great about being on the road is seeing what’s going on outside your town.  Different sights, sounds and smells can add context and texture to this moment in time we all find ourselves in, which I think is rather transformational.

And why do I say that?  The power of the internet and social media.  I’ve had a tremendous opportunity while I’ve been on the road to meet a dazzling array of people.  If I was on the road for these past several weeks without Twitter or Facebook and other social media/web-based platforms, I wouldn’t have met the number of people I did and that would’ve been a terrible shame.   Because I discovered that a lot of the people I came across are actually better to interact with in real life than they are in my Twitter stream, Facebook feeds, etc.

So when you get the chance to sit down and have a cup of coffee or a drink with someone that you’ve been following or if someone who has been following you wants to do the same, give it some thought.  The imprints in your memory those interactions create are priceless.

To all of the folks who I met over the past few weeks, consider this a global ‘thank-you’ note for helping make my trip a joy and a delight to go on.  To the other folks?  Your turn is next… so consider yourselves warned…


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3 responses to “Sometimes, You Just Gotta Step Away From the Keyboard

  1. So true, babe, so true. Stepping away from the keyboard has been some of my greatest moments in Social Media. It’s about connecting. Building community, learning from each other and sometimes just to shoot the shit.

    No matter how much fun it was though, I am happy to have you home.

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  3. At first, it was very awkward to break the wall and meet my twitter followers or people I follow face-to-face for the first time.

    But now that I’ve gotten those first few encounters out of the way, I genuinely enjoy meeting the people who keep me educated and entertained on a daily basis. The more frequently I can do this, the better.

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