A Collection of Photos

Don’t think Kerouac ever did anything like this, but then again, he didn’t have an Android smart phone either.  At any rate, I thought I’d post some of my favorite photos from my trip out West.

Tadich Grill.  In two words: An Institution.  Restaurants like this just don’t exist anymore.  And no, their website is not up.  But when you’ve been around as long as they have and are as good as they are, you can build your site whenever they hell you want.

A place that is not an institution today but very well could be in the future, Credo.  A dear friend took me to dinner here and it was simply divine.  Sadly, I had all the Rollatta di Mozzarella before I could photo it.  Pity…

Kearny and Columbus, heading into the North Beach area of San Francisco.  This picture does not – and will never – do that incline up Kearny justice.

Another shot in North Beach, at Grant and Green.  On my way to the Bocce Cafe.  People talk about Chinatown a lot, but I find that the Italian food in San Francisco is outstanding.

Captured this after dinner in North Beach.  I don’t know, just seemed appropriate.

I’ll have some more familiar material up here over the next week, so don’t fret dear reader.  You know who you are…


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