On The Road, Like Jack Kerouac…

Actually it’s going to be nothing like Kerouac.  Whereas he wrote about his sojourns cross-country, hitching rides with strangers and peeing off the sides of trucks, mine will have almost none of those traits.

Yes, I’m headed to the West Coast, San Francisco, in fact.  But I’m heading there for an assignment, not to trace the beauty of America on Route 66 or wistfully make some inner journey into myself as part of the process.

I’ll also be staying in a nice hotel.  With a comfortable bed.  And hopefully an excellent view of the city (we’ll see).  Not pounding the pavement, looking for a place to stay.

So in other words, at least for this week, don’t expect a lot in the way of posts and definitely don’t expect a lot in the way of charts and data.

But the posts I do have will hopefully be of some good conversations with good people.  I plan on getting together with Tim Backshall while I’m there, for what I’m sure is to be a rollicking good time.  Hopefully an insightful one, as well.  But there will be other folks, too.  I’m sure we’ll discuss the state of California.  I’m also sure we’ll discuss some other things I normally don’t talk about, like programming and chip architecture and being a dad since my friends all have kids.  Maybe I’ll talk about food as well, since San Francisco is a great food city in addition to everything else.  Who knows?

At any rate, should be an interesting week…


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One response to “On The Road, Like Jack Kerouac…

  1. JM

    Have fun, man. Let me know if you find a good Chardonnay out there.

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