Hank Paulson’s Dry Heave | The New York Observer

This just makes me want to vomit!!

He solemnly describes how he dry-heaved in front of an American flag, in a bathroom stall and in front of Senator Judd Gregg. Other hour-by-hour details especially a chronicle of his work-related sleeplessness would be autobiographical triumphs if they didn’t contrast so grimly with the book’s void of thoughtful analysis. With the exception of a short and intensely dry afterword, it lacks any dissection of the intricacies of the crisis, its causes or its aftermath.

via Hank Paulson’s Dry Heave | The New York Observer.

I guess I’m not surprised. Thoughtful analysis or careful consideration of your options aren’t at the forefront of your mind when you panic. I’ve contended for a while that Tim Geithner panicked and I wouldn’t follow him when the bullets start flying. Reading “Too Big To Fail” it becomes clear Geithner’s sense of fear was lilliputian compared to Paulson’s.

Haven’t these guys ever heard of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)? They’re confidential, helpful and usually just a toll-free call away. Guess not.


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