Revisionist History, Housing Crash/Credit Crunch Edition

Had a conversation with a guy in my office a few days ago, mostly about housing and real estate.  I had the same conversation with him about 3 years ago.  His “advice” to me, then?

Can’t wait to get into real estate.  If you don’t make your move now, you might never own a house.

Yeah, sure. Good luck with that. His “advice” to me earlier this week?

What were all those people thinking?  They had to know house prices couldn’t keep going up like that.  Who in their right minds would borrow that much to buy a house?  Who would lend them that much?

It’s kind of galling.  I know people don’t like admitting they’re wrong (Or is it they hate admitting others are right?), but all I could do was tell him I had to get back to work.


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